Hayley Turner's interview to cosmicway.net

The interview took place on Friday, October 7 2016 and published on Saturday October 8.

We are having a surprise visitor to Athens today Saturday.

The famous Hayley Turner from England.
Hayley in the role of the “ambassador of UK racing” will be at Markopoulo race course from 1.30 pm and she will also appear in the tv program.
GBI informed us earlier in the week about this visit and we proposed a mini interview, that eventually took place yesterday, Friday afternoon.

The questions and the answers given my ms Turner follow:

cosmicway.net: Welcome. We admired you from the tv broadcasts for many years, long before the partnership between the Greek race course and GBI. Are you going to be the permanent ambassador of UK racing in Greece, or only for this once ? If you become a permanent ambassador what will your activities be ?

Hayley Turner: For the time it’s only one visit but I hope it will lead to more. I ‘d like very much to ride at Markopoulo some time.

cosmicway.net: About the girl jockeys. Apart from you we know of Josephine Gordon, Cathy Gannon and others who are doing very well in the UK, when compared to the men. In Greece the girl jockeys are not doing so well - always in comparison to the men.
What sort of advice would you give to them ?

Hayley Turner: I believe girls should train more. Nature has made men stronger than women but women can also develop the necessary muscular strength. Aerobic exercises also help a lot and weight lifting,

cosmicway.net: Do you agree that horse racing should be internationalized like football ? If you agree, what might be your strategy ?

Hayley Turner: I think it is moving in this direction. The trainers are taking their horses to increasingly more international meetings and there also some international races such as the Global Sprint Challenge. 

cosmicway net: For the public who would wish to bet in the UK races too, what do you advise in relation to horse racing material ? Apart from the very well known sources of information do you have something special as well as useful to recommend ?

Hayley Turner: There are many webpages providing information about the form of the horses as well as tips. It’s the racingpost, the sportinglife and let us not forget gbi.com. Also there are some twitter accounts that give valuable information sometimes.

cosmicay.net: To make the races more attractive in Greece we have recommended three things to the various authorities: Better prices, the creation of an internet betting platform and more types of betting to replace today’s rather poor menu ? Do you agree that those are positive proposals ?

Hayley Turner: You know the market better, but those are heard as positive moves.

cosmicway.net: Again to make races more attractive we also support the building of a new racecourse, at Hellenikon, the old Athens airport. That’s a little futuristic, but would you like to see it ?

Hayley Turner: Sure, I  always like to see new race courses being built but I also believe more people should visit Markopoulo, which is an excellent construction ?

cosmicway.net: What were the best wins of your career ? Can we show them ?

Hayley Turner: My best were Margot Did, Dream Ahead and I ‘m a Dreamer. Others with horses not as famous as those were Betchworth Kid,  Hallelujah, Mullitovermaris, Bonus, Scottish River and Tactician.

We give you the youtube links of  the three best rides of Hayley Turner's:

a) Margot Did (comes out of stall 12):


b) Dream Ahead (comes out of stall 2):


c) Tactician (comes out of stall 9):


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