Wednesday 22 December 2021


Our new app predicts the number of corners in football matches.
or the users of cosmicwayblog and we give our corner predictions for the English premier every week.

Sun 26-12-2021

Liverpool - Leeds 10.5
Wolverhampton - Watford 9.8
Burnley - Everton 9.5
Man City - Leicester 10.3
Norwich - Arsenal 10.2
Tottenham - Crystal Palace 9.9
West Ham - Southampton 9.9
Aston Villa - Chelsea 9.5
Brighton - Brentford 9.7

Mon 27-12-2021

Newcastle - Man Utd 10.1

(*) we give you the mean expected numbers

Tuesday 21 December 2021

We decided against doing UK races anymore.
The interest has waned among our visitors - thanks to the strange and stringent betting limitations applied by for the UK races.
Although this damage was affected by opap five years ago (in 2016) the Greek public lost interest progressively and now the interest is almost zero.
It's a pity after such a glorious start ten years ago but there is nothing we can do about it.